Murder on Trial Michael Underwood


Published: 1954


191 pages


Murder on Trial  by  Michael Underwood

Murder on Trial by Michael Underwood
1954 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 191 pages | ISBN: | 5.75 Mb

The Old Bailey has been the scene of countless murder trails but this must surely be the first time that it has become the scene of a murder itself- a murder committed in famous Court I in the coarse of the trial of William Edgar Tarrant for the murder of a young police constable.Detective Inspector Manton of Scotland Yard was in court at the time and had the piquant experiance of investigating a crime which had been committed behind his back (literally)--—and only a yard or so at that.

Here lay the body, there lay the weapon, a revolver- but where was the vanished juror and what lay behind his dramatic disappearance? Also what had made Maisie Jenks scream in court a second before the victim was shot? A scream which subsequently played such a prominent part in the investigation of the crime.Aided by Detective Sergeant Talper, Inspector Manton unravels the mystery and solves the crime, though not before events have become even further be-devilled.This story has an authentic court atmosphere and it is clear that the author is fully versed in legal practice and police procedure.

It is also a detective story with a new and ingenious plot which unfolds at a brisk pace and leads to a carefully worked out final solution.

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