Bonhoeffer: True Patriot Mary Bosanquet

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Bonhoeffer: True Patriot  by  Mary Bosanquet

Bonhoeffer: True Patriot by Mary Bosanquet
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I had purchased the Eric Metaxas biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy but had not begun to read it when the flurry of reviews, pro and (mostly) con convinced me that it was not where I wanted to begin my serious encounter with this great spiritual hero. Mary Bosanquets book was on the shelves of books at Good Shepherd Baptist Church left by previous pastors and so I decided to start here.The early chapters of the book, while full of good background material about German history, the history of Bonhoeffers family and Dietrichs own childhood and schooldays, are marred by Bosanquets style.

A story unto herself (Miss Bosanquets most famous work is the story of her own solo horseback trek across Canada in the 30s), the author writes in the flowery, oddly formal and sometimes purple prose of the schoolgirl of a previous generation. Fortunately, there is less space for her enthusiastic hero-worship in later chapters as she allows excerpts from Bonhoeffers own writing to express the deeper truths behind the factual details of his life.

Indeed, Ms. Bosanquet shows herself to be an apt student of the famed teacher and produces quite thoughtful reflections on Bonhoeffers work in these later chapters.A good introduction to Bonhoeffer, this book has left me eager to read more of his famed theological works as well as a better, more critical biography.

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