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Gehenna Revisited: Rebutting Francis Chan  by  DL Kennedy

Gehenna Revisited: Rebutting Francis Chan by DL Kennedy
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Imagine a child standing at his fathers feet. He has broken the rules and knows he will be punished. As he looks up at his father, waiting to discover his fate, his father looks down and considers. If he truly loves his child, how will he punish him? Will he punish him appropriately, or will he punish his child today, tomorrow, and then forever?If we, being human, know the difference between justice and injustice, how much more does God?

Gehenna Revisited examines the Bible and endeavors to show that eternal conscious torment in hell is not supported by scripture.Gehenna Revisited covers old ground and new in the debate on hell. From the parallel Christ drew between Gehenna and the Battle of Armageddon, to the main point of the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man—if Hades existed, it would be filled with Pharisees—there are new considerations in this age-old discussion.

Does God truly condemn His creation to eternal, conscious torment in hell, or have churches been teaching Greek Mythology for centuries?This was previously published as Hell is a Place on Earth. It has undergone an extensive rewrite to address parts of Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle. If you already have Hell is a Place on Earth on Kindle, just make sure you have the most recent version. It is the same material as Gehenna Revisited. You will not need to purchase this book as well.

You will know you have the most recent version of Hell is a Place on Earth if it has a Contents page with chapter numbers and names. The original version did not include that.

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