Apologies: Short Fiction Robert Shroud


Published: September 16th 2011



Apologies: Short Fiction  by  Robert Shroud

Apologies: Short Fiction by Robert Shroud
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Moving, negotiating, slipping within the seams between them. They knew him not. They were aware of him not. They saw him not. How could they? Hustling and bustling about in their pathetic little lives. Rushing to their next appointment without so much as a stare in another’s direction.Look at them, he thought to himself, as he passed each one along the city block. Unenviable creatures, vain, conceited, engrossed solely in self. The height of humanity. ‘Hah!’ he shouted aloud in his mind, concealing the smile that threatened to uncover his mask of apathy.

If this is all we are to be then someone has played a cruel joke upon us all.

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