Kiss Cursed Princess Teresa Garcia


Published: October 2012


Kiss Cursed Princess  by  Teresa Garcia

Kiss Cursed Princess by Teresa Garcia
October 2012 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 6.41 Mb

Not every fairy tale has a happy ending, and the Sleeping Death has other forms. If you make a promise, then keep your word, or it could have unexpected outcomes. A Princess falls under a curse, though she is offered a way to escape it. The answer to the riddle may have been nearby for years. How many will the Kiss claim, and will the Princess see the way to break her curse?

Or, will she live a lifetime never being able to give back something so simple as a kiss? A little Snow White, a sprinkling of Sleeping Beauty, a dash of King Midas, and influenced by countless other fairy tales, prepare for a darker journey than your usual fairy tale.This short was written for the authors daughter and then submitted to the Americas Best Author 2012 contest. No nominations were secured, but out of the 100s of contestants accepted she consistently places between the middle and upper 15%, an achievement that she feels acceptable considering the popularity factor that went into the ranking system that had been in the contest.Cover is a placeholder cover by Teresa Garcia

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