Timeless Love: The Legend of Black Water Gardner M. Browning

ISBN: 9781594660962



400 pages


Timeless Love: The Legend of Black Water  by  Gardner M. Browning

Timeless Love: The Legend of Black Water by Gardner M. Browning
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 400 pages | ISBN: 9781594660962 | 8.68 Mb

In the early eighteen hundreds Blake Hawkswell and Eve Fairwin follow their hearts to the rocky beach of Black Water Cove. They find freedom and love at last but are unaware of the tragedy that will soon follow. An unseen murder severs their bond and Blakes lifeless body is lost in the swallow of the ocean. Eve wakes only to find the bloodstained sand around her. She mourns for her lost love and finds no comfort or help from the town. She remains on the beach taken by uncontrollable sadness unable to go on. Soon the tide returns and she gives in, letting it take her life as well. Deep within the cold dark water, Blakes body rolls and churns.

The ancient life that flows in mighty ocean fills him and soon, by the will of the sea, he awakens- he is Blake and he is more Two subtle fangs stab his lower lip- his once brown eyes are empty and white and the fatal wounds he suffered are a memory. Curse or blessing, his second life has a purpose. Blake takes on the challenge of immortality and strives to conquer loneliness in Timeless Love: the Legend of Black Water. With the guidance of new friends, vampiric powers and a longing to find peace, Blake battles evil and proves that life is the greatest gift of all.

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